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Numerological compatibility for webmaster

You want to have on your website the possibility that the visitors see their numerological compatibility?

Now you have this possibility using the script below.

Do not change anything to the script or it will block the possibility to use it.

The script works only tested on your website server (not on a file saved on your computer).

Below you can see how it looks the Numerological Compatibility on your site:


compatibility horoscope
2019-10-20 12:00:00 GMT:
Sun 26°47 in Libra
Moon 13°54 in Cancer
Mercury 21°15 in Scorpio
Venus 14°38 in Scorpio
Mars 10°32 in Libra
Jupiter 21°14 in Sagittarius
Saturn 14°44 in Capricorn
Uranus R 4°55 in Taurus
Neptune R 16°18 in Pisces
Pluto 20°42 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 12°4 in Cancer
Chiron R 2°38 in Aries
Junon 24°25 in Virgo
Pholus 29°56 in Sagittarius
Ceres 20°21 in Sagittarius
Pallas 21°56 in Scorpio
Vesta R 25°6 in Taurus
USA, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and more
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