Retrograde Planets in Birth Horoscope

Retrograde Planets

Retrograde planets are particularly important in the horoscope interpretation in terms of karmic personal. Retrograde motion of planets apparently refers to the movement in the opposite direction (seen from the ground) of one of the planets. Sun and Moon never have a retrograde movement.

Retrograde Planets
What show us the retrograde planets?

Retrograde planets show us life lessons misunderstood in previous existences. In this life we have the duty to repair those mistakes and we will have unforeseen conditions in order to do so.
In terms of individual is very important the retrograde movement of the following planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and extremely important Saturn. Neptune and Pluto is especially about collective karma but not limited to it.
A retrograde planet in the past shows us that the characteristics of that planet were not properly used to evolve spiritually.

Retrograde planets meanings:
  • Mercury retrograde shows an incorrect use of knowledge or incorrect communication in a past life. Mercury retrograde will bring some communication difficulties to the present life. In addition, even if you analyze carefully what you have to do, even then chances are you change your mind before you get to communicate your idea to someone, or simply can not implement that idea.
    You have to learn that order is not everything in life, must learn that there are people who may have other opinions and should be respected.
    Once Mercury's lessons learned, you can learn good communication qualities and a mastermind of the order but without disturbing others.
    Among those with Mercury retrograde can find many writers who, after learning the lessons of Mercury have acquired all the qualities of this planet.

  • Venus retrograde show emotional problems in a past life, unconfessed love, accusing people of the opposite sex for all of your emotional problems, misogyny, denial of love. As a result of the fact that Venus is retrograde you are easily frustrated emotionally. You're likely to feel lonely and feel the urge to belong and be loved. But before you can have what you want you need to overcome the above problems. You have to love selflessly, you must learn to love giving without expecting anything in return. Should not blame others for your problems even if they were apparently to blame. If someone does not respond to feelings such as expected in a past life was inversely and now is just role reversal. If you can go over all of this with love in your soul and provide emotional stability, you will also receive the same, if you learn to externalize feelings without fear and without expecting something in return, then you passed the lessons of Venus and you have part of a great love life. In the category of people with Venus retrograde often get people who repress their feelings.

  • Mars retrograde shows that in the past you used incorrect physical energy or you even have aggressively sexual. As a result of the fact that Mars is retrograde you MUST take every precaution before action. Must give evidence of self-control. People with Mars retrograde are prone to violence, anger, impulsivity and need to learn in this lifetime to master these impulses, but even feelings of anger have to be mastered.

  • Jupiter retrograde shows that you used wrongly in past lives the attributes of this planet: faith, wealth, power. In a past life you did one of these mistakes: you've wasted your wealth, you have taken advantage of power and judged others by their own ideals and opinions on faith. As a result of the fact that Jupiter is retrograde, in this life will be very difficult for you to accept changes and you are very cautious about the new trends of morality. The strong moral convictions are deeply grounded in childhood. In this life is mandatory honesty, fairness, self-control, respect others opinions and not impose your opinions or ideals.

  • Saturn retrograde is the most important aspect of the retrograde planets. Saturn retrograde means repetition of mistakes more lives in a row. In this life you feel you are alone in front of problems, Saturn will repeat throughout life the same problems several times until the lesson will be learned. The only solution will be facing problems and although this will probably bring more problems in life, is absolutely necessary to keep calm and keep love and faith in the soul. Once learned, the lessons of Saturn and overcoming problems, exceptional personality may arise. Among people with retrograde Saturn who have passed their problems and learned to develop are figures such as Michelangelo and Galileo.

  • Uranus retrograde will show a restless personality always in search of freedom, a nonconformist person. You should be looking carefully your own idealsand freedom not to push around opinions or freedom of others. The altruism is compulsory for people with this aspect. With this issue are people who on one hand are using high ideals, friendships, personal magnetism to make the world better but also people who sank deeper into mistakes and willingness to carry out certain ideals without taking into account other people. Depends on each person what he choose, soul growth and trying to do well with Uranus or taking advantage of certain assets to harm.

  • Neptune retrograde shows the impossibility to accept reality of life as it is, withdrawal in dreams and illusions. Sometimes people choose this unfortunately withdrawal in alcohol, drugs and false mysticism (various sects) and sex. It is mandatory in this case to head to God and the creative love of God and love your neighbor. It is necessary the confidence in the divine plan and that everything has a purpose on earth.

  • Pluto retrograde show significant and sudden changes throughout life, a possible period of withdrawal, loneliness and loss of loved ones and other sufferings which aim to an important evolution of the spirit after it passes over all problems . Along with problems, Pluto offer also the power, a great power to overcome these events. Personality change which will take place in the end must necessarily be for the better in order that the spiritual leap to be made forward.