Fixed Stars in Birth Horoscope

Fixed Stars

Fixed stars is an important chapter of astrology. There are many chapters written in astrology books about fixed stars. It is considered that influence especially in conjunctions with planets or important points in the natal chart (especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, Bottom of the Sky). Often great personalities were heavily influenced by the fixed stars. Although they are called fixed stars, they still moving very slowly (about 1 degree in 72 years).

Fixed Stars
Most important fixed stars
The most important fixed stars are Fomalhaut, Antares, Regulus, Algol (also called royal stars). Regulus for example is considered to have influenced many personalities.

In 2000 they had the following positions:

Positions for fixed stars:
  • Mirach0°24` Taurus
    Happy marriage and reputation.
  • Almach14°13` Taurus
  • Algol26°10` Taurus
    The evil star, make threats, attacks, accidents, suicide or violence.
  • Aldebaran9°47` Gemini
    Recognition and honors but followed by crash. In the case of conjunctions with the Sun or Moon, this star can bring a cruel death.
  • Rigel16°49` Gemini
    Fame, social raising but often ended in ruin.
  • Bellatrix20°56` Gemini
    Prestige can be gained in battle or other confrontations.
  • Capella21°51` Gemini
    Influential friends and protectors, good situation.
  • Betelgeuse28°45` Gemini
    Fame, glory in life and after death. Conjunction with Mars could bring death by fire.
  • Sirius14°5` Cancer
    Fame, wealth.
  • Castor20°14` Cancer
    Violence, accidents, troubles.
  • Pollux23°13` Cancer
    With good aspects in 1st house will bring gain and prestige. With negative aspects can bring death by robbery or fire.
  • Procyon25°47` Cancer
    Fame, fortune.
  • Praesepe7°12` Leo
    Harmful to the eyes, can cause blindness.
  • Alphard27°16` Leo
    Lack of opportunity in relation with some of the opposite sex.
  • Regulus29°49` Leo
    High ideals meteoric rise but equally rapid fall. He was influential to most great leaders.
  • Spica23°50` Libra
    Great creative capacity especially in conjunction with the Ascendant or Sun.
  • Arcturus24°13` Libra
    Good luck, wealth.
  • Antares9°45` Scorpio
    Desire for power, fast rising often through violence, bold but ultimately self-destruction.
  • Vega15°18` Capricorn
    Fame, popularity, wealth (especially in conjunctions with Jupiter or Venus).
  • Altair1°45` Aquarius
    Good luck, prosperity.
  • Fomalhaut3°51` Pisces
    Wealth, reputation, noble ideals.