Biorhythm theory was born between the years 1897 to 1902.
The founders of the theory were: Hermann Swoboda - professor at the University of Vienna, Wilhelm Fliess - specialist in numerology, and Alfred Teltscher professor at the University of Innsbruck.

Biorhythm Cycles

The biorhythm is practically the influence of different biological cycles on each person.
Initially were observed physical and emotional cycle followed closely by observing the intellectual cycle and later than the intuitive one. Now there are even opinions about other cycles but less important. However these four remain the basic biorhythm cycles.

Physical cycle refers mainly to coordination, strength, physical skills. In the period in which this cycle is at high levels is time to take care of all that involves physical effort. Even disease resistance is normally better at this time. At the time this biorhythm cycle is below the median, with a negative value, it is time to rest to recover.

Emotional cycle is about creativity, sensitivity, mood, perception. When this cycle in the biorhythm is at the top of the graph, creativity is at a high level, emotional communication, socialization and the state of mind also are positive. At the bottom of the cycle can be seen a certain amount of depression, impulsivity, lack of communication or incorrect communication. It's good that at this time to think more about anything you want to undertake, especially in relationships with others including the partner of life.

Intelligence cycle is related to analytical thinking, logical analysis, memory, rational communication. On the positive side of this cycle of biorhythm, you can rely fully on the capacity of thinking, analysis, memory and learning. Communication in the workplace will be better, you could expose yourself more logical point of view. In the negative cycle, however, these features are affected. Is better at this stage to relax, to not enter into controversy at work, to do eventually physical labor or easier.

Last cycle found, the one of intuition is also an important part of biorhythm although not as important as the first three. With this biorhythm cycle you can learn when to trust your intuition and when it will not help. You probably will not win the lottery in the days when it is to a maximum but you will easily recognize favorable situations, you will quickly see who you are true friends, you will feel if you have or do not have trust in different people.