Arabic Parts in Birth Horoscope

Arabic Parts

Arabic parts, also known as Arabian parts, are mathematical points calculated in astrology that are used to provide additional information and interpretations in a natal chart. They are not associated with planets or zodiac signs but are the result of mathematical formulas involving the positions of planets, astrological houses, and other variables.

Arabic Parts
Interpretation of Arabic points

Astrologers use Arabic parts in conjunction with other elements in a natal chart to add nuances and additional information in interpreting the characteristics and astrological influences on a person.

The Arabic Points are interpreted according to the house and sign where are located and the aspects they make with the planets (especially conjunctions). Below you can see the calculation of the Arabic points:

Other Arabic parts:
  • Part of vocation H10+(Moon-Sun)
  • Part of karma H1+Saturn-Pluto
  • Part of astrology H1+Mercury-Uranus
  • Part of enlightenment H7+(Moon-Sun)
  • Part of accidents H1+Uranus-Sun
  • Part of attraction, charm H1+Venus-Moon
  • Part of sons H1+Jupiter-Moon
  • Part of daughters H1+Venus-Moon
  • Part of brothers and sisters H1+(Jupiter-Saturn)
  • Part of mother H1+(Moon-Venus)
  • Part of father H1+(Sun-Saturn)

H1... H12 = House I - XII
Planets in parentheses changes the sign if born at night