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We often wonder what is our role on earth, who we are and what we should do, why are people who like us at first sight and people who do not like us.

School helps us to know this world, religion helps us to know beyond this world and gives us clues to our purpose in general.

The birth horoscope and astrology can help us see or at least to foresee our purpose as individuals. Personalized horoscope will help us better understand who we are, what we can do in this life (depending also on what we did in previous lives) and we can not or should not do. If you make your personalized horoscope you could find your true potential in this life.

Creating a personalized birth horoscope will not help us to see the future but will help us better understand our lives and to better understand what to do to fulfill our mission and to evolve spiritually.

No need to pay anything for a personalized birth horoscope. We just do it for FREE. No need to make handmade calculations that could take several hours, we will do in a second your birth natal chart for your own custom birth horoscope.

To view your own personal birth horoscope you will have to register as a member on SignsByStars.com and after that you will see on this page your horoscope. In the form below you can fill the data to see a part of it.

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2022-12-10 09:00:00 GMT:
Sun 18°15 in Sagittarius
Moon 12°34 in Cancer
Mercury 5°6 in Capricorn
Venus 0°15 in Capricorn
Mars R 15°16 in Gemini
Jupiter 29°15 in Pisces
Saturn 20°29 in Aquarius
Uranus R 15°42 in Taurus
Neptune 22°39 in Pisces
Pluto 27°1 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 11°20 in Taurus
Chiron R 12°0 in Aries
Junon 16°21 in Pisces
Pholus 5°56 in Capricorn
Ceres 27°31 in Virgo
Pallas R 25°56 in Cancer
Vesta 6°2 in Pisces
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