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Numerology is a science or an art as old as astrology. Although generally thought to have been transmitted to us by Pythagoras, numerology is much older and is not known exactly when it appeared. An example showing the age of numerology is the Hebrew Cabala that exist for millennia ago and was very important in their life. In fact, numerology was found to all old civilizations in various forms.

Numerology is a good way to self-knowledge but also a fast way to understand the people around us.

If you sign up on this site you can see your full numerological analysis. Note: your entire name must be entered and if there are changes of name through marriage for example, will be introduced the initial name.

compatibility horoscope
2021-05-17 20:00:00 GMT:
Sun 27°7 in Taurus
Moon 3°45 in Leo
Mercury 19°0 in Gemini
Venus 10°44 in Gemini
Mars 14°49 in Cancer
Jupiter 0°24 in Pisces
Saturn 13°29 in Aquarius
Uranus 11°38 in Taurus
Neptune 22°47 in Pisces
Pluto R 26°42 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 11°36 in Gemini
Chiron 11°31 in Aries
Junon R 20°38 in Sagittarius
Pholus R 5°29 in Capricorn
Ceres 3°41 in Taurus
Pallas 20°23 in Pisces
Vesta 9°30 in Virgo
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