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Compatibility horoscope can help you better understand your relationships. It can show why your partner reacts in a certain way and what he/she likes and what bothers him/her. Compatibility horoscope will help you improve your relationship by pointing out things to avoid and common points between the two partners.

A compatibility horoscope should be seen as an aid in improving the relationship. If you see that there are many negative aspects does not mean you should quit. We must learn from the negative aspects and try to overcome them and improve the relationship. Must consider the relationship as a series of tests that will make us closer and the compatibility horoscope as a tool to help us achieve this through self-knowledge.

The compatibility horoscope offered on this site is PERSONALIZED. It is not mere compatibility between signs but looks multiple aspects of the two personal maps.

We recommend first reading the birth horoscope and later compatibility one

To enter the birth data for your partner and check your karmic aspects you must have an account on this site. If you do not have an account yet, you can fill the data below for the compatibility horoscope:

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compatibility horoscope
2023-12-11 09:00:00 GMT:
Sun 19°2 in Sagittarius
Moon 28°46 in Scorpio
Mercury 8°10 in Capricorn
Venus 7°47 in Scorpio
Mars 12°10 in Sagittarius
Jupiter R 6°14 in Taurus
Saturn 1°40 in Pisces
Uranus R 19°58 in Taurus
Neptune 24°53 in Pisces
Pluto 28°45 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 21°57 in Aries
Chiron R 15°33 in Aries
Junon 18°6 in Virgo
Pholus 7°20 in Capricorn
Ceres 6°51 in Sagittarius
Pallas 9°20 in Scorpio
Vesta R 2°19 in Cancer
USA, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and more
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