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Biorhythm compatibility represent the chances of having the same mood in the same time.

On a physical level for example biorhythms compatibility of two people will show that they will have simultaneously a high physical level, they will be able to synchronize better. Likewise, the emotional or intellectual.

In couple relations is very important to synchronize on an emotional level so that both persons need to be close to the partner at the same time. The most important professional relationships is to have physical and mental synchronization.

This synchronization of biorhythms is not showing the attraction between two people, not show the actual compatibility but is more about that feeling of being on the same "wavelength".

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2021-04-18 03:00:00 GMT:
Sun 28°18 in Aries
Moon 3°46 in Cancer
Mercury 27°13 in Aries
Venus 4°9 in Taurus
Mars 26°44 in Gemini
Jupiter 26°20 in Aquarius
Saturn 12°30 in Aquarius
Uranus 9°56 in Taurus
Neptune 21°59 in Pisces
Pluto 26°47 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 13°10 in Gemini
Chiron 9°59 in Aries
Junon R 23°56 in Sagittarius
Pholus R 5°58 in Capricorn
Ceres 21°59 in Aries
Pallas 12°45 in Pisces
Vesta R 6°42 in Virgo
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