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Have you ever had the impression that a person known recently by you seems that you have met before? You had a sympathy or antipathy to someone immediately from the first date? These are usually signs of karmic relationships.

What is a karmic relationship? Is relationship between two people who already knew from another existence, in a past life. These relationships can be negative, when one persons has done something wrong to the other and in this life the situation will reverse but for the two souls to evolve they will have to overcome and resolve the problems in a positive way. Karmic relationship can also be positive. Positive relationships can meet both with persons of opposite sex with close age who will have a strong mutual attraction but it can be seen on persons of the same sex or of different ages, in which case the meeting is often because one of the two persons to offer help to the other.

We recommend first reading your birth horoscope and compatibility horoscope with the respective person and then check karmic relationships.

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