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We all read at some time what our sign tells us that will happen. We all wondered how that phrase can match millions of people. The answer is simple does not match or rather is only a small part. A birth horoscope is much more than that.

Birth horoscope is different for each one of us and is based on exact dates of birth of each of us. This site will try to answer questions about this art - science called Astrology.

Do not expect to find here the famous zodiac of any newspaper or any other site. You will never find it. Instead you will find a personally Birth horoscope , your daily horoscope and you can analyze compatibility with different people with compatibility horoscope. All you have to do is open a free account to gain access to a real horoscope.

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2016-07-29 21:00:00 GMT:
Sun 7°8 in Leo
Moon 15°47 in Gemini
Mercury 28°36 in Leo
Venus 21°40 in Leo
Mars 28°35 in Scorpio
Jupiter 21°40 in Virgo
Saturn R 9°56 in Sagittarius
Uranus 24°30 in Aries
Neptune R 11°30 in Pisces
Pluto R 15°40 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 14°26 in Virgo
Chiron R 24°47 in Pisces
Junon 2°39 in Scorpio
Pholus R 24°52 in Sagittarius
Ceres 2°28 in Taurus
Pallas R 3°7 in Pisces
Vesta 1°37 in Cancer
USA, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and more
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