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Birthday is under the governance of a planet. So the day of the week you were born will influence your personality. These influences should take into consideration only with other personal horoscope natal influences that you can read for free right on this site.

You can find below what day of the week you were born.
Birth date:      

The influence of your birthday:

Monday is ruled by the Moon, which is why people born on this day are dreamers, sensitive, intuitive, romantic people. Both women and men born on this day want true love and not short adventures although because of sensitive attitude can have many times just short adventures. Women want very much children and they complete there life.

Tuesday is of course ruled by Mars. The planet of war and fight give clearly some strong personalities with great energy, real fighters. They fight for success, will fight for love, will fight for everything. These people can be successful in any but still would be nice sometimes to limit their impulsiveness.

Wednesday, ruled by Mercury give intelligent people, adaptable and with good communication and commercial skills. Very orderly and hard working people, are destined to work for every penny but their work will never be in vain. Can be always taked as an example that "Work ennobles".

Jupiter brings to those born on Thursday its greatness and power. These people will love the family and children although in youth will love freedom so much. When they become husbands / wives will be entirely devoted to family even if they had never thought it would be. Typically generous and honest people, in case of bad influences can become very haughty, vengeful, reckless.

Friday is dominated by Venus, planet of love, beauty and art. People born on this day will have at least some of the characteristics of this planet. Will be loving people, people destined to art, fashion and creation. Bad influences can still result for the people born on this day to have too many love affairs, excessive desire for luxury and worldly pleasures.

Saturn, the dominant of Saturday bring those born on this day a mysterious air, individualism, even loneliness. Although Saturn apparently doesn't bring just good things, being considered as a malefic planet, however, often bring qualities of organization and success even if it is after hard work.

Sun governs Sunday. It brings people born Sunday a strong personality, authority, pride, leadership. Although clearly Sun will try to move toward success, however should not fall into the trap of vanity and pride.
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Moon 8°12 in Leo
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Uranus 14°32 in Aries
Neptune 7°25 in Pisces
Pluto 15°1 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 11°43 in Libra
Chiron 16°55 in Pisces
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Pholus 25°56 in Sagittarius
Ceres 20°6 in Capricorn
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