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compatibility horoscope
2019-08-26 03:00:00 GMT:
Sun 2°36 in Virgo
Moon 3°22 in Cancer
Mercury 23°39 in Leo
Venus 5°52 in Virgo
Mars 5°1 in Virgo
Jupiter 14°49 in Sagittarius
Saturn R 14°20 in Capricorn
Uranus R 6°32 in Taurus
Neptune R 17°43 in Pisces
Pluto R 20°58 in Capricorn
Nodul Nord R 15°0 in Cancer
Chiron R 4°59 in Aries
Junon 0°57 in Virgo
Pholus R 29°40 in Sagittarius
Ceres 4°43 in Sagittarius
Pallas 29°54 in Libra
Vesta 24°50 in Taurus
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