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Arabic part of marriage

Part of Marriage will show motivation or how the marriage occurs. Below we show explanations on this Arabian part according to the house where it is.

  • in House 1
    Marriage of personal conviction or your own vanity.
  • in House 2
    Marriage from material interest.
  • in House 3
    Marriage for the communication with your partner.
  • in House 4
    Marriage because of parents.
  • in House 5
    Marriage from love.
  • in House 6
    Marriage from pity or obligation.
  • in House 7
    Happy marriage.
  • in House 8
    Marriage about a legacy.
  • in House 9
    Marriage abroad or to go abroad or with a foreigner.
  • in House 10
    Marriage because of the profession or related with profession.
  • in House 11
    Marriage from friendship or due to a friend.
  • in House 12
    Unhappy marriage

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