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Arabic part of love

Part of Love refers to emotional and sexual relationships. Below are shown the different influences depending on house where is found this Arabic part.

  • in House 1
    Love is the most important thing in life. May become even obsession if there are disharmonic aspects.
  • in House 2
    Love makes money or waste money according to planetary aspects (harmonic or disharmonic)
  • in House 3
    Emotional links in short trips.
  • in House 4
    Late love.
  • in House 5
    You target your love to the kids.
  • in House 6
    Love for people of low condition or to the sick.
  • in House 7
    Love is directed entirely to the partner.
  • in House 8
    The death of Love.
  • in House 9
    Love affairs on long trips, abroad or with foreigners.
  • in House 10
    Love affairs arising on or relating to your service.
  • in House 11
    Friendships followed by love.
  • in House 12
    Sad love, miserable.

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