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Arabic part of fortune

Part of Fortune is important for money and as the name suggests, for luck in general. You see below the interpretation of this Arabic part in the houses according to the aspects that have with the planets in your natal chart (favorable or unfavorable aspects).

  • in House 1
    With positive aspects: You make your own luck by intelligence, personality, your own initiative. Luck and financial situation are good.
    With negative aspects: Trying to succeed on your own is not fruitful and financial situation is not very good.
  • in House 2
    With positive aspects: Part of Fortune in money house shows in a favorable situation a great chance of fortune.
    With negative aspects: Will be losses - waste of money.
  • in House 3
    With positive aspects: Luck and money will come from brothers, sisters, in short trips or technical occupations.
    With negative aspects: Misfortune about brothers, sisters, short trips without success, technical or manual occupation without income or without considerable success.
  • in House 4
    With positive aspects: Good luck, money with family (parents), good luck in real estate.
    With negative aspects: Lack of support from parents, loss of property.
  • in House 5
    With positive aspects: Luckily about children, happy love, possible luck on stock exchange.
    With negative aspects: Misfortune about children, unlucky love life, losing speculation.
  • in House 6
    With positive aspects: Luck satisfactory though not resounding, from your own work.
    With negative aspects: Diseases and unsuccessful work
  • in House 7
    With positive aspects: Good marriage or good partners.
    With negative aspects: Bad luck in marriage or in business because partners.
  • in House 8
    With positive aspects: Important heritage.
    With negative aspects: Lack of inheritance or "inheritance" of debt.
  • in House 9
    With positive aspects: Long and fruitful trips, intellectual activity that brings respect and luck, luck from the Foreign.
    With negative aspects: Losses on long trips, intellectual activity can bring bad name, bad luck abroad or in relationships with strangers.
  • in House 10
    With positive aspects: Very lucrative occupation, businesses.
    With negative aspects: Occupation that will bring bad luck, bad luck in business.
  • in House 11
    With positive aspects: Luck due to important friends and protection of them.
    With negative aspects: Misfortune about friendships, unfulfilled hopes.
  • in House 12
    With positive aspects: Luck in occupations in hospitals, libraries, laboratories or even astrology.
    With negative aspects: Misfortune that may even lead to imprisonment or confinement, gains from the exploitation of others or incorrect magic practicing and trying to take advantage of them.

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