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Arabic part of fame

Part of Fame will show where the fame may come. Scroll down to see where fame can come and depending on the aspects that this part have with the planets (positive or negative) you can see if fame will be positive or negative, strong or not.

  • in House 1
    Famous due to yourself and strong personality.
  • in House 2
    Famous due to wealth.
  • in House 3
    Fame is a result of short trips or due to communication.
  • in House 4
    Reputation can occur because of the parents.
  • in House 5
    Fame can come from children, from creativity or education.
  • in House 6
    Work can bring a little reputation.
  • in House 7
    Fame may pursue marriage.
  • in House 8
    Fame can come by occultism or reputation could come after death.
  • in House 9
    Reputation due to high education, religion or foreign ties.
  • in House 10
    Reputation due to the business, profession.
  • in House 11
    Reputation due to friends, protectors.
  • in House 12
    Unlikely to gain fame but if happen, will be in lonely places such as laboratory, prison, hospital.

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