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Arabic part of desease and death

Part of Desease and Death show possible diseases or information about death, end of life. Below are shown the most important possibilities depending on the house where this is Arabic part.

  • in House 1
    Death due to your own carelessness.
  • in House 2
    Disease or death because of money, wealth.
  • in House 3
    Health problems or death in a short trip.
  • in House 4
    Disease inherited from parents.
  • in House 5
    Health problems due to children.
  • in House 6
    Accident or acute illness.
  • in House 7
    Death comes from an opponent.
  • in House 8
    Sexual disease or accident.
  • in House 9
    Death or illness due to long trips or because of people abroad.
  • in House 10
    Death or disease because of profession or death while working.
  • in House 11
    Contagious disease or death from friends.
  • in House 12
    Chronic, violent death or death in solitude.

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